BugTrapper provides the all the information needed to fix problematic application behavior. It generates a record of what happened inside the code during the final minutes before the problem behavior occurred, trapping the bug and its cause. In essence, it serves as a remote sensor, eliminating the need to reproduce the user's action, data and environment. BugTrapper can be used on a regular basis in development and QA to flush out all the bugs encountered.
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Once a bug is trapped, analysis can be performed off-line. The developer can view the trace information like a source code animation, scrolling back and forth along the execution path with no need to reproduce the bug in the application. The off-line debugging capability also provides a practical solution to the problem of remote troubleshooting by allowing the developer to analyze a log of what happened in the code at the remote site.
BugTrapper provides solutions for various working environments:
Development & QA
ISV Customer Support
No preparation of application sources, object, or executable files required.
Attach to/detach from process while running.
View the trace information like a source code animation, scroll back and forth along the execution path.
Works with Release-built optimized executables, as well as Debug version.
View full stack information on crash: data is provided at the symbolic level.
Use BugTrapper's Black Box Flight Recorder as a remote sensor for remote troubleshooting capabilities, analyze a log of what happened in the code at a remote site.
Special support for NT services
DLL support-Supports run-time loading (LoadLibrary), and components such as OCX, ISAPI DLL, or CORBA
Quick logging of online trace information, with minimal impact on performance.
Data tracing-includes the value of all relevant variables, including arguments, return values, local and global variables in the trace information.
BugTrapper contains a powerful filtering mechanism that allows the user to define exactly which points in the program to trace, what data to collect and what variables to record. The filter can be modified during the program run to focus on any particular behavior.

Create alerts by using BugTrapper's unique Just-In-Time Tracing (JITT) mechanism, speeds up the identification of bugs buried deep in large business-critical applications, specify the actions to be automatically taken during a trace, depending upon variety of triggers, for example starting/stopping a trace, dumping a trace, or performing a stack dump.

Record and analyze mixed Visual Basic and Visual C++ applications, including optimized builds, multi-threading and multi-processing, longjmps, signals, exceptions, recursion, etc.
BugTrapper provides solutions for various working environments:
Development and QA
ISV Customer Support
Supported Platforms
Mutek's Executable Hooking Technology supports C, C++, and VB programs compiled by Microsoft Visual C++ version 5.0 and higher, and Visual Basic version 5.0 and higher.
BugTrapper runs under Windows 95/98/Millennium, Windows NT™, and Windows 2000™.
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